Getting to the Hotel from the Airport

Landing at the Airport

When you land at the Calgary International Airport (YYC) you will need to go through Canadian customs if you have arrived on an international flight. You will collect your baggage after speaking with a border agent. If you are arriving on a domestic flight you can go directly through to the main terminal where you collect your baggage there.

Check and see what you require in order to successfully pass through Canadian Customs.

White Hat Volunteers

While at the airport, if you need any assistance just find one of the many “White Hat” Volunteers for a warm Calgarian welcome. These volunteers are happy to chat with you and even walk you through the airport. They are easy to spot wearing their white cowboy hats. There is also an information booth at the airport on the arrivals floor where you can ask for additional help.

Travelling from the Airport to the University

The University of Calgary campus is located approximately 18 km west from the Calgary International Airport. Visitors have several options for ground transportation from the airport to the University of Calgary. Below are the two main transportation options:

  1. Taxi
    A taxi stand can be found immediately outside of the Arrivals area (follow the signs for “ground transportation”). The cost from the airport to the University campus is approximately $40. It takes around 35-45 minutes depending on traffic. If you are tired from your travels, or if you have heavy luggage, the extra cost of taking a taxi rather than using public transit may be a good idea.
  2. Public Transit
    If the cost of a taxi may be an issue, you may wish to use the Calgary Transit system.  The Calgary airport is served by public buses that can then connect you to the “C-Train” which is Calgary’s Light Rail system.  There is a C-Train station at the University of Calgary called University of Calgary station. Make sure you are on the train heading North Bound towards Tuscany Station. Visit the Calgary Transit webpage ( for bus routes and fare information. Before you get off the bus, be sure to get a ‘transfer’ from the bus driver which will allow you to use Calgary Transit for 90 minutes without having to pay another fare. Using Calgary Transit may be difficult and long if you are carrying large amounts of luggage or arriving at night.Please note: Calgary Transit is not a 24-hour service. If you plan to arrive in Calgary late at night, check to make sure your transit route is still running. Again, transit schedules can be checked at
  3. When you get off at the University station call Ken Fearnley on his cell: (780) 668-3980 and he will send a shuttle to the terminal to take you the short distance to the hotel. If you have light luggage and feel up to a ten-minute walk, just follow the signs to the hotel.

Welcome to Calgary! You Made It!

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