The Hotel Alma on the University of Calgary Campus has given us special room rates, and we have blocked off a certain number of rooms, but as we are simply estimating how many we will need, we might not have blocked off enough for everybody.

If you register too late to get one of the block of rooms, you will still get the special reduced price, but if the hotel fills up, you might have to look somewhere else. You don’t want to do that! May we suggest you book a room right now (you can cancel it later if necessary).

When registering, make sure you ask for the ALBERTA WORLD ELDER GATHERING 2017 rate.

THE SIMPLEST is to book your room by phone: call toll-free from anywhere in the world: 1-877-498-3203 or direct: 403-220-3202 and again, make sure you ask for the ALBERTA WORLD ELDER GATHERING 2017 rate.

If you want to register through the hotel’s website Hotel Alma make sure you ask for the ALBERTA WORLD ELDER GATHERING 2017 rate.


You can also book by email the hotel: and again, ask for the ALBERTA WORLD ELDER GATHERING 2017 rate in your email.

There are three types of rooms (ALL PRICES ARE IN CANADIAN DOLLARS):

One Bedroom Suites $188/night
Eurostyle Standard Rooms $138/night
Two Bedroom Apartments $122/night

eurostyleThe Eurostyle Rooms ($138 CAD/night) are well-appointed hotel rooms with queen-size beds.

1-bed-roomThe One Bedroom Suites ($188 CAD/night) are great for those looking for a little more luxury in a bigger room.


The best value rooms are the Two Bedroom Apartments. These contain two bedrooms with a small kitchenette area between them. Each room has a double bed. Originally designed for students, they are fine for two parties: a single person and a couple, two singles, or two couples. The room price ($122 CAD) includes both rooms.
SPECIAL NOTE: If you want to rent this apartment, the simplest is to find someone to share the apartment with BEFORE you register at the hotel. One of you will need to pay and then ‘settle up’ with the other party. If you do not have someone, email Rod Clay ( and he will try to match you with someone. You can then go ahead and book the room. Once Rod has found you a ‘match’ you and that party can arrange the sharing of the payment.

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